Business Feature: Kris Deines, Alison’s Pantry

Kris Deines is an Alison’s Pantry representative for the Meeker area. Alison’s Pantry is a food delivery service that provides families with food service quality products without the hassle of driving out of town. “Products are not only higher quality than those found in big box grocery stores, they aso bring added speed and convenience to family meals,” Deines said. She was a customer for five years before becoming a local rep more than a year ago. “I love the company and its values, great food at a reasonable price and a large variety of products conveniently offered to small communities.” Customers get the personalized attention of a local rep for no additional charge. Products are ordered once a month and delivered to Deines, then sorted and made ready for pick up. Alison’s Pantry also offers a 90 day double your money back guarantee. New catalogs are available each month. To learn more, contact Kris at 970-964-7620, or through Facebook by searching “Kris’s Pantry Alison’s Pantry Meeker Rep.”

Courtesy Photo