Buuuuuugle …

Here are the winners from Wednesday night November 6, 2019

GRAND CHAMPION ELK BUGLING – Raegan Clatterbaugh (3rd Grade)

1st Grade – 1st place Milo Brennan

2nd place Brodee Kilduff

3rd place Daxten Koenig

2nd Grade – 1st place Davin Rust

2nd place  Jaxson McPherson

3rd place Toren Gates

3rd Grade – 1st place Bryant Turner

2nd place Tilden Gates

3rd place Corbin Grant

4th Grade – 1st place Hoyt Garcia

2nd place Elijah Rundberg

5th Grade – 1st place Jenna Rippy

2nd place Cody Richardson

3rd place – Addison Moon

Camo Contest

1st place Cody Richardson

2nd place Addison Moon

3rd place Miles Franklin

4th place Hattie Brennan

5th place Dillon Koenig

6th place Bryant Turner


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