Casey Turner Memorial youth wrestling tourney this Saturday

MEEKER | Thirty-five Meeker youth wrestlers, competed in Rifle last Saturday and 34 of them placed in the top four. The young Cowboys will host the annual Casey Turner Memorial tournament this Saturday at Meeker High School, starting at 9 a.m.

“Our kids wrestled tough and I’m very proud of how far we’ve come this year,” Meeker youth coach Carl Padilla said.

Josh Simmons won a title in the 6U division, while Deegan Moody, Brig Williams and Tilden Gates all won titles in the 8U.

Domonic Wyatt and Snowdon Williams won 10U titles, while Adrianna Price and Diego Robles won titles in the 12U division.

Runners-up for Meeker were; Peyton Muxlow (4U), Dillon Koenig, Toren Gates and Thomas Theos in the 6U division. Lyam Richardson, and Eli Rundberg finished second in the 8U division, Tucker Chinn, Dublin Price and Zeek Gianinetti in the 10U.

Mattaio Padilla and Daxton Koenig were consolation champs in the 4U division, Davin Rust place third in the 6U, while Cole Williams and Grayer Moody placed third in the 8U. Bow Muxlow placed third in the 10U, while Dillon Hobbs, Trevor Keys and Ryan Hall were all 12U consolation champs.

Fourth place finishers for Meeker were; Isaiah Gianinetti (6U), Kael Overton and Alex Rivas in the 8U, Alaric O’Dell, Dathan Dade, Danny Rivas, Said Rodriquez, Garrett Merz, all in the 10U division, Damen Maybury in the 12U division and Guage Buhler wrestled but did not place.

The Casey Turner Memorial tournament will start at 9 a.m., Saturday and will be the final competition for the Meeker Community Youth Wrestling program.