For the sake of the call

March 15, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

RANGELY I “Always there, always ready” is the motto of the National Guard. Its members, exemplary men and woman devoted to serving and protecting our country, back their words with their actions. Facebook Notice for […]


Rangely’s Dynamo: Peggy Rector

March 8, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

RANGELY­ I A sign in Peggy Rector’s living room reads, “Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever.” This quote hangs on a wall in the house she was married in, built on […]


A quiet hero

March 1, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

MEEKER I The definition of modesty is “reserve or propriety in speech, dress or conduct, or; the freedom from conceit or vanity.” Modesty, reticence and humility are common characteristics among World War II veterans. The […]


Pooles around the world

February 9, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

RANGELY I What a remarkable journey it has been, from Florida to Rio Blanco County and all around the world, for Julius and Lomell Poole, long-time Rangely residents. Facebook Notice for EU! You need to […]


The lady is an outfitter

February 4, 2012 Niki Turner 0

MEEKER I Colorado outfitter. The image that comes to mind is probably not one of an attractive woman with well-coiffed silver hair and sparkling blue eyes. One’s first impression of Jeanne Horne is that she […]


The Storyteller: Kay Bivens

February 3, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

MEEKER I It is probably common practice to take for granted all that our educators do. In our unfortunate situation with our school this last year, amazing people stepped up to make things happen for […]

No Picture


February 2, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

There was a mistake in last week’s feature article about Byron and Jo Linden. The article stated that they owned the TI ranch. This information was incorrect. Byron’s great-grandparents worked on the TI ranch at […]

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