Independent? Unaffiliated? You can now vote in primary elections

RBC | Thanks to Proposition 108, unaffiliated, active voters can participate in the Colorado primary election for the first time this year. According to voter registration statistics from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, there are 819 active unaffiliated voters in Rio Blanco County as of May 1. Those votes could make a difference in contested elections where all candidates are in one party.
If you don’t update your voter registration with a party preference prior to May 29, you will receive Primary Election ballots for both the Democratic and Republican parties in the mail in June. If you only want to receive one ballot, you can update your preference at
When you receive your ballot(s), choose one: Republican or Democrat. Cast your vote and return the ballot.
Remember: You can only vote on one party’s ballot. If you vote on both ballots, you’ll void your vote. (Choosing one will not change your unaffiliated status.)

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