CDOT Bike, Byways Map online

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RBC I With the beginning of spring and the unofficial start of the bicycling season now under way, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has its Bike and Byways Map available via a mobile application, providing instant information to cyclists.
CDOT’s hard copy of the map currently provides roadway data such as shoulder widths and traffic volumes, but the new electronic version will significantly expand the amount of available information.
“Along with all the information that’s available in the hard copy of the map, the new app will offer lots of options we think bicyclists will appreciate,” said CDOT bicycling program manager Betsy Jacobsen. “Specific items like where bike shops, restaurants and welcome centers are located will be available. It’ll also include directional information, allowing cyclists to request specific point-to-point directions.”
In addition, the new app also has the ability to show street views, so users unfamiliar with an area or roadway can see the actual road and determine if it fits their cycling abilities. It also will provide alerts such as road closures and available detour routes.
The app is available for download from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone at
“This is just the beginning,” Jacobsen said. “We’ll continue to enhance the app such as having local agencies include route information for their specific area.”