CNCC flight team nabs second place in national competition

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The 2019 CNCC Flight Team: James Whalin, Jason Krueger, Rachel Northup (Captain), John Tucker, Zack Roberts, Jesse Joseph, Eli Fozzard, Tim Moreney, Lexi Toploy, Hannah Crosley, Ryan Lyons, Kyle Baker, Will Drbohlav, Nick Chancellor, and Logan Aberhamson.

RANGELY | The CNCC flight team finished second in the nation among two-year colleges at the 2019 national flight competition, which involved more than 360 pilots from around the nation and an average of 140 competitors per event.

“A big thanks to all who donated time and money to allow us to compete!” said assistant chief flight instructor and flight team coach Jason Krueger via email.

“The competition also featured around 30 different airlines, corporations, and various other aviation companies looking to recruit our graduates,” Krueger said.

Zach Richardson was nominated by his team as the CNCC outstanding team member and was recognized during the team banquet. The top 50 finishers from CNCC in each event are as follows:

Aircraft Preflight, 43rd, Rachael Northup

Crew Resource Management, 28th, James Whalin/Rachael Northup

Ground Trainer (Flight Simulator), 33rd, Rachael Northup

IFR Simulated Flight, 14th, Tim Moroney

Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation, 44th, James Whalin

Unlimited Aircraft Navigation, 24th, Rachael Northup/

James Whalin; 39th, Nick Chancellor/Eli Fozzard

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