CNCC Student Government hosts first juried art show

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RANGELY I The Colorado Northwestern Community College Student Government will be sponsoring its inaugural juried art show at the Craig campus in April.

The Mountain Art Show will become a yearly showing of art created by students and artists in Northwest Colorado with separate categories for both groups. Each artist has the choice of submitting a two-dimensional piece such as paintings, photography, drawings or three-dimensional pieces such as pottery. Artists may also submit into both categories.
The Mountain Art Show will be juried by faculty, staff and students with prizes amounting to $500. Beyond the prize money, this is a chance for new artists, such as students, to show their work and gain valuable experience in promoting their pieces.
CNCC students will be able to submit their art without the entrance fee and be able to compete in their own categories separate of non-students.
Artists from around Northwest Colorado will be able to submit their art for $35 a piece with a maximum of three submissions, and compete for prizes and recognition in their own categories.
CNCC Student Government at the Craig campus created this project to highlight and contribute to the world-class art that is currently on display.
Jennifer Holloway, co-advisor to Student Government, noted that this art show gives up-and-coming artists the chance to showcase their art and help build confidence for student artists.
The Mountain Art Show will have three awards for students and for Northwest Colorado artists, topping out at a $500 prize.
A best-in-show award will go to the best artist in the entire show. Submissions are due on April 4, and information can be found on the CNCC website about how to submit your pieces.
An inaugural opening event will be held April 18 at the CNCC Craig campus, where the winners will be announced. The art will be on display for an entire year, and new submissions will take its place.
For more information on the Mountain Art Show please contact Jennifer Holloway at or Kirstie McPherson at kirstie.mcpherson