Collins receives scholarship

Meeker High School senior Macy Collins credits her involvement in 4-H and FFA programs with improving her confidence and directing her into a career path in agriculture. She’ll be heading to Hutchinson Community College in the fall. Allie Willey Photo


Special to the Herald Times

MEEKER | Macy Collins, a senior at Meeker High School, has received a $2,000 scholarship focused on 4-H and FFA involvement and a future career in agriculture. The Chuck Urano Scholarship was granted to her from the Colorado Farm Show. To retrieve this scholarship, Collins only had to fill out an application. There was no interview process. The scholarship will be going straight to the college she is attending,  Hutchinson Community College. Collins plans on graduating with her associate degree from Hutchinson, and then going to a four-year university, where she will pursue a Ph.D. in animal genetics. Collins would like to continue her livestock judging career in college as well. She plans on becoming an artificial insemination specialist for cattle, sheep or goats, or to become an embryologist for either species.

“The experience shaped me, because the Colorado Farm Show held a small banquet for the scholarship winners, and we were all asked a series of questions about our future goals. It was eye-opening to see that Colorado has a strong agriculture program, with a lot of exceptional people my age that plan to get a career in agriculture,” Collins said.

According to the Hutchinson Community College website: “In these difficult economic times a skilled workforce can provide the competitive advantage you need. The skill levels needed in industry no longer are increasing gradually but are expanding at a dramatic rate. Hutchinson Community College recognizes the critical training and educational needs of business today and, as has been our tradition, we will work to accommodate your educational and training needs whether it is on site at your industry, a customized training program, or a contracted program on campus.”

Macy has been involved in 4-H for 10 years and FFA for four years.

“These programs have shaped me into a more confident person, who enjoys giving speeches and presentations about agriculture. Even though I knew that I was going to end up in a career based on agriculture, 4-H and FFA helped me get into the right direction and allowed me to learn exactly what career path I am choosing. Knowing that it is my last year is very exciting. I cannot wait to see where I can go in life, and the kind of amazing people that I will meet. I think my proudest achievement is becoming a better person through 4-H and FFA,” Collins said.