Colorado Gives Day helps support MEF

Dear Editor:

The work of the Meeker Education Foundation (MEF) can be supported through Colorado Gives Day, Dec. 4, 2018.  This online, statewide event is sponsored by Community First Foundation and FirstBank.  All listed charities on, including the Meeker Education Foundation, have met Community First Foundation’s high standards and are recognized Colorado nonprofits in good standing.

MEF’s focus is to support the school district’s curriculum development plan by funding curricular materials.  It has invested more than $240,000 in multiple sets of textbooks, and other curricular materials,  equipment and supplies; technology hardware; student enrichment opportunities and special projects like the Meeker Elementary Garden (an effective outdoor classroom utilized for scientific education and incorporating many interdisciplinary lessons for math, writing and reading, social studies and the arts).

The Community First Foundation and FirstBank have generously established a $1 million Incentive Fund and every nonprofit receiving donations on Colorado Gives Day will receive a prorated portion of this fund.  If you are able to further the MEF’s curriculum work, MEF will receive more than the amount of your gift. 

Donating is simple.  You may go to  Follow the instructions for drop down menus and MEF’s logo and donation box will come up.   We thank you for your consideration.

MEF Board of Directors