Community Counts wants to up visibility, names Morlan to board

Dave Morlan
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Dave Morlan
Dave Morlan
RBC I Dave Morlan, director of the Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge Department, was recently elected to the Community Counts Colorado’s (CCC) Board of Directors for 2016 and 2017 along with eight other individuals.

CCC Executive Director Nita Smith, said, “It has been a pleasure to work with Dave and the road and bridge department this year, and they have provided numerous construction updates that Community Counts has been able to share with the residents, operators and contractors on County Road 5.
Other board members include: Susan Alvillar of WPX Energy, Don Simpson of URSA Operating Company, Jason Oates of Encana Corp., Monique Speakman of Cheryl and Co. Property Management, Zach Jacobson of Summit Midstream, Kirby Wynn of Garfield County Oil and Gas Liaison, Kirk Daehling of Natural Soda, and Brian Gardner of Summit Midstream along with Community Counts’ staff accountant, Tammie North. The directors can serve two two-year terms.
Community Counts Colorado is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to connect the energy industry and the community through responsive, open communication. It was established by a small group of operators in 2007 in Garfield County who wanted to connect in a more timely fashion with residents in areas of active drilling to address and resolve concerns about impacts.
The core of its program is a 24/7 Response Line (866-442-9034) that provides a direct line of communication between residents and energy industry operators to answer the needs of people living in the regions impacted by their operations.
Response Line signs are posted along county roads and truck routes in the three counties.
In 2013-14, Community Counts staff met with Rio Blanco County commissioners to discuss helping it become more visible in Rio Blanco County. Rio Blanco County Commissioners were very supportive of CCC’s program and helped with establishing the first signs on County Road 5.
Smith said, “Discussions are already in the works for putting up more Community Counts signs throughout Rio Blanco County.”
Numerous presentations were made to several organizations in Rio Blanco County this year, and a Get-Together for residents, operators and contractors who live and work on the Piceance Creek Road along with local governmental officials was held this past summer at the Piceance Creek Schoolhouse. More energy industry operators on Piceance Creek road have joined Community Counts and we are very pleased to have Operators XTO Energy, Enterprise and Natural Soda along with AMSO (American Shale Oil), a research and development company join membership with CCC in 2015 and look forward to others in Rio Blanco County joining membership as well.
Community Counts is a membership-based organization that is supported by not only energy industry operators, but contractors, businesses, associations, city, county and state governmental entities, emergency response organizations and individuals
The group currently has 85 members within the three counties.
Even with the slowdown in the energy industry, Community Counts is still very active in providing not only rig moves but road closures and information that might affect residents’ travel in areas where there is energy industry activity.
The CCC also provides information to the operators and contractors when your community has something special that they need to be aware of such as a race, special event or cattle and sheep drive.
Smith commented that “numerous informational e-mails have been sent out regarding construction work on County Road 5 along with livestock drives that are taking place this fall.”
If you have information that you would like for Community Counts to help distribute to the operators and contractors, please send to Nita Smith, executive director at or call 303-916-4009.
Also if you would like more information about Community Counts or would like Community Counts to do a presentation to your organization or are a resident that would like to be a part of Community Counts’ distribution list please contact Nita at the above information.