Community initiatives underway

RANGELY I A short meeting on July 27 at which most trustees were present highlighted initiatives for the community. Minutes were approved unanimously. Changes to the agenda included Town Manager Lisa Piering requesting postponing the Community Outreach Meeting and notice that one applicant for the vacant trustee seat has withdrawn. The supervisors’ reports were postponed until the next town council meeting as Kelly Neiberger was handling other business. RBC commissioners’ reports were also postponed. 

There were no public hearings or input. 

Trustee Ellis provided a brief update from the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado regarding current redistricting efforts. This is still an ongoing effort. Town Manager Lisa Piering provided an update from RDA/RDC meeting in which CNCC President Dr. Lisa Jones was present. Airport initiatives, bike trails and tourism were highlighted topics. 

Piering also provided updates regarding internet/fiber optic blind spots that are to be addressed. The town has been looking toward grants to support this work for Rangely’s rural areas. Four contractors have bids on the La Mesa water main project; the town plans to mill the whole road to address the problems to ensure timely and efficient work. Parade planning for Rangely’s 75th anniversary in September was discussed with notes from Piering and Webber about celebratory items to be passed out to the crowds. Pop sockets and t-shirts are current suggestions being considered. A Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) grant will be required to be matched by the town. Colorado Housing Authority will be visiting to discuss local housing development on Aug. 4 at Town Hall from 9 to 11 a.m. Piering also shared White River Integrated Water Initiative’s work to improve the health of the river and its banks while also increasing access along the river with pedestrian and bike paths. She noted that this will require cooperation from private land owners. 


• Don Davidson was approved as new trustee to be sworn in Aug. 10 

• Special Event Liquor permit to Rangely BPOE 

• Discussion and action to approve the operator agreement between Chevron and Town of Rangely which was previously on hold while awaiting completion of documentation, which has since been completed. 

• Discussion and action to approve grant applications from Rangely businesses for the Main Street Open for Business façade grants. Piering states this is open to all of Colorado, not just Main Street communities. She clarified that Rangely likely won’t reach the limit of funds available. Businesses must show necessity for funding. Granger asked about business accountability and Piering stated that businesses will have to show proof and provide a 20% match. The town, as fiduciary agent, controls and disperses the funds. Eight businesses have already shown interest. 

Informational items included a county COVID update with 25 new cases confirmed. Colorado Municipal League (CML) is holding a special conference Sept. 22-24. “The Main Thing,” a Main Street publication highlights Jeannie Caldwell for her work in assisting Rangely’s recent economic developments. National Night Out was held on Aug. 3, promoting the work of first responders. The Rangely Library Reading Carnival was held the morning of July 27 and was a great success. 

By KATIE KING | Special to The Herald Times