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MEEKER | What do you love about living in Meeker? What ideas do you have for strengthening Meeker’s economy? What types of housing are needed in Meeker now, and in the future? What recreational opportunities do you think should be pursued over the coming years? If you’ve ever wanted to chime in on these, and other similar issues, the Meeker Community Survey is your chance to do so! As further incentive, five (5) people who submit a completed survey will be selected, at random, to receive $50 in Chamber Bucks. Individual survey responses are strictly confidential—a third party consultant, not the town, is gathering and analyzing all completed surveys.

Meeker Moving Forward ( is an initiative of the town that began this past July (2019) and is anticipated to wrap up in early 2021. Meeker Moving Forward is focused on bringing the community together in order to develop a shared vision for Meeker in 10-15 years and to identify specific steps to be taken to achieve that future. The success of Meeker Moving Forward is contingent upon all members of the community getting involved and helping shape the future of the town.

The goal of the Meeker Community Survey is to collect responses from as many people as possible in hopes of having all voices and perspectives represented in planning for the town’s future. Community members can support this effort by taking some time to respond to the survey, as well as by encouraging family members, friends, colleagues, etc. to participate in the survey. Paper copies of the survey are currently being delivered in the mail. For those that do not receive a survey in the mail, additional copies are available at Meeker Town Hall (345 Market St). The survey can also be completed online at:

Meeker Moving Forward hopes to empower the community to manage whatever changes are coming in ways that continue to make Meeker a wonderful and unique place. Embracing the past and planning for the future is what Meeker Moving Forward is all about! Ultimately, Meeker Moving Forward will result in an updated Community Master Plan (i.e. Comprehensive Plan) that: (1) sets forth the community’s shared vision and goals for Meeker; (2) provides recommendations for achieving that vision and those goals; and, (3) includes an action plan for getting things done. Once the update to the Community Master Plan has been completed, the town’s zoning and development regulations will be updated to ensure that those are working to make Meeker the type of place that the community wants it to be.

To learn more about the project please visit; look for Meeker Moving Forward handouts, posters and signs around town; follow the Town of Meeker on Instagram and Facebook (@townofmeekerco and #meekertime); or, contact Lisa Cook (Meeker Town Administrator) at 970-878-4962 or

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