Congratulations to Debbie Cook

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Dear Editor:
I would like to express a heartfelt congratulations to my dear friend Debbie Cook. It is truly an honor that I was able to play for her, coach with her and now see her be recognized as one of the very best as she is inducted into the CHSAA Hall of Fame.
It has been an amazing journey with Debbie, one that started in 1991. I was a freshman on the Meeker volleyball team that had 56 participants that year, no doubt the highest participation level of any girls’ sport. She stopped coaching that year and was asked to start again in 2000, that is when I came home from college and she asked me to coach. Little did I know when she asked me to be the freshman coach that I was about to build an amazing friendship, learn more about coaching than I could have imagined, and be a part of a hall of fame career.
Debbie has not only been an exceptional coach of the game through the years, she has always made specific celebrations important. This Friday, Dec. 23, please join us in celebrating and sharing stories of Debbie’s success. There will be an open house at Debbie’s from 3-6 p.m., and I know she would love to have you come and celebrate her CHSAA Hall of Fame career. Please bring stories, pictures and a sense of humor and appreciation of what it took to be as exceptional as she has been.
Hallie Blunt

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