Conservation District employee receives state recognition

Tristan Nielson

RBC | The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation District boards are proud to announce that District Manager, Tristan Nielsen, received the Employee of the Year award from the Colorado Conservation District Employees’ Association. Nielsen is beginning her fourth year with the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts (Districts).

Nielsen does all the typical district manager duties for a district, times two. She develops and maintains the necessary reports required by the state for both districts in a timely manner. She develops the monthly agendas, records the minutes, and provides financials for both boards. She also manages the districts’ tree, tire tank, and PAM sales programs along with the no-till drill, fusion machine, and weed sprayer programs.

When you call or stop by the District or NRCS offices you are greeted by Nielsen with a very pleasant voice and personality that lets you know she is here to help you. She is professional and personable in her interactions with all people.

In addition to the monthly board meetings for both districts, she coordinates the meetings for the White River Algae Study Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the White River Integrated Water Initiative’s Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), along with many other meetings and workshops throughout the year. Nielsen appears to navigate meeting planning and coordinating seamlessly. Other staff and board members know the meetings will be properly noticed as required by law, the location and setup will be just right, meals will be delivered on time, notes will be complete and accurate, and cleanup will be quickly wrapped up. All this is done in the background and with no fanfare.

With the Algae Study and Water Initiative efforts have come multiple grants and administration of those grants. Nielsen has become a valuable asset in administering these grants as she has learned the idiosyncrasies of each grant and the various reporting and reimbursement requirements.

In 2020, the Douglas Creek Conservation District held a mill levy election. In the best of times it is a challenge to maneuver all the timelines and legalities associated with a mill levy. Of course, COVID-19 entered the picture and elections had additional challenges. With all these new challenges, Tristan worked with multiple people to professionally navigate the process and always maintained professionalism.

“Tristan has become an invaluable asset to the districts and we greatly appreciate all her efforts to help the districts serve our constituents,” said Douglas Creek Conservation District President, Bill Hume.

The district board members are proud of Tristan and all the work she continues to do. “Congratulations, Tristan! You have earned this award based on your attributes and your hard work,” said White River Conservation District Board President Marc Etchart.