County Beat: August 23, 2018

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RBC | Disaster Declaration

The board officially declared the Cabin Lake Fire a local disaster which will open up low interest loans to businesses such as hunting and fishing outfitters and ranchers who have been impacted by the fire. The declaration doesn’t guarantee that those loans, which are being offered by the Small Business Administration, will be made available. Rio Blanco County Emergency Management Officer Ty Gates said they will likely need more than five businesses that can prove adverse effects from the fire to be eligible.

Commissioner Bolton wanted to research the option of opening up the declaration to include more than the Cabin Lake Fire and include all wildland fires in Rio Blanco County.

While the resolution was approved they commissioners plan to continue discussion and make any necessary changes at next week’s meeting.

Fiber Bill

The fiber line in Rangely’s Tanglewood neighborhood was hit during utilities improvement work this summer leaving the town with a $2,400 bill for repairing the break. Town Planner Jocelyn Muller told the commissioners that the fiber line curved rather than following the straight line which was marked, making locating and avoiding it difficult. She said that the town tried, “really hard” to avoid hitting the, including digging by hand, but that, “there’s very little rhyme or reason to how that cable goes.” Muller told the board that in some areas the line is only buried four inches and that the town is concerned that there will be further hits as the project progresses. The town asked for both relief from the repair costs as well as local support for repairing the lines.

The commissioners agreed to cover the repair bill. County Communications Director Cody Crooks will speak with Rangely True Value, who laid the drop lines to each home, and request they check the depths of lines which were supposed to be laid 12 inches deep.

Other Business

The commissioners approved another letter in support for the Jordan Cove Liquid Natural Gas and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline projects which they believe would open up additional markets for natural gas from RBC.


The $375,000 Bachmann Pit Crushing Project was awarded to Schofield Excavation.

The county is purchasing a new motorgrader and attachments for $160,000.

Weekly Commissioner Updates

Jeff Rector attended an AGNC and RDA meeting. He also applauded the Sheriff’s Office for their work during fire season.

– Si Woodruff said he worked on horse boarding issues at Rangely’s Columbine Park and the potential Wolf Creek Reservoir.

Chairman Shawn Bolton said the county was planning on placing historical artifacts up for display in the courthouse.