County offers one free load at landfill

RBC I Rio Blanco County residents should watch for a valuable landfill coupon mailed March 24 that allows each county household the opportunity to haul as much acceptable debris as will fit on one load (up to a pickup and any size trailer) to the county landfill free of charge with all fees waived.

The purpose of this program is to give residents an opportunity to clean up and beautify their homes and property without the expense of landfill fees. The coupon will be good until Dec 31.
The county encourages residents to help friends and neighbors who may not be able to take advantage of this offer.
Certain wastes cannot be accepted at the landfill, so customers are encouraged to read the guidelines on the back of the coupon.
If you don’t receive a coupon by mail, call the Rio Blanco County Road & Bridge Office at 970-878-9590 or stop by the Meeker District Office at 570 Second St. in Meeker or the Rangely District Office at 17497 Hwy. 64 in Rangely.
Starting July 1, electronic waste (e-waste) can no longer be accepted at the Rio Blanco County Landfill. State Senate Bill 12-133, also known as the “Electronic Recycling Jobs Act,” banned disposal of electronic devices in landfills. The prohibited items include: television sets, central processing units (CPUs), computer monitors, peripherals, printers, fax machines, laptops and all other portable computer devices, DVD players, VCRs, radios, stereos, video game consoles and video display devices with viewing screens greater than four inches diagonally.
Citizens, businesses and government agencies are encouraged to explore recycling alternatives on the state’s website at
Locally, Lee Overton of Overton Recycling is working with the State of Colorado to become registered as an electronic waste recycler and welcomes calls for e-waste recycling with his business. His phone number is 970-683-8219.