County roads and snow plowing awareness

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RBC | It’s that time of year again when the county plows come along and leave a ridge of snow across residents’ driveways. Our crews do their very best to minimize the amount of snow left at driveways and intersections, but unfortunately there will always be a ridge.

Citizens should be aware, when plowing driveways, the snow must be pushed to a safe place and it needs to be done in a safe manner.

It’s the responsibility of the homeowner, if they are clearing snow from their property, to be sure they aren’t leaving ridges of snow in the public road. It’s actually against the law to do this because it presents a traffic hazard. If you are pushing snow across the county road, it must be completely cleared. Also, tracked vehicles such as dozers are not allowed on county roads due to the damage they cause.

It’s a tough time of year and having patience and understanding goes a long way! If you need to report any concerns out there along winter-maintained county roads, please give us a call at 970-878-9590. We really appreciate everyone’s input so we can make our roads as safe as possible.

Submitted by RBC Road & Bridge