County sheriff’s office sets new policy on accidents

RBC I Rio Blanco County Sheriff Si Woodruff has set a new vehicle accident policy for the county as a proactive stance to protect motor vehicle accident victims and first responders from risk of death or injury during the cold winter season.
Woodruff said the following procedures will be in place for motor vehicle accidents that occur on the roadways in Rio Blanco County:
A dispatcher will send a wrecker to the scene of the accident as soon as they have completed the dispatching of first responders.
This will allow swift removal of roadway hazards and any vehicles from the scene, resulting in movement of victims and first responders out of the cold and away from the dangerous roadside condition in a more efficient manner.
Victims will still be allowed to choose their own wrecker company, if that company can provide immediate response. If they will be delayed, then the next wrecker on rotation will be dispatched as needed.