County valuation currently up

RBC I Rio Blanco County assessor Renae Neilson presented the commissioners with the 2012 protest valuation report at its most recent meeting and showed an increase in assessed value from 2011.
Neilson reported there were 40 real property protests during the 2012 protest period, of which 22 were adjusted, five were satisfied, nine were denied and four were void. There were 41 personal property and oil/gas protest; 19 were adjusted, zero were satisfied and two were denied with 20 on hold. Neilson said 19 companies reported late or did not return their declaration schedules.
It was reported there were 12 drilling rigs that operated in Rio Blanco County, all located in Districts 3 and 34. Three rigs operated 365 days in the county, seven rigs were apportioned with other counties and two rigs were stacked in RBC.
Neilson also reported Rio Blanco County’s total taxable assessed value as of July 3, 2012, at $1,385, 148,180, up $81,156,370 from 2011, broken down as follows:
Real Property 671,032,900
Personal Property 714,115,280
Total $1,385,148,180

Vacant Land 5,973,200
Residential 37,421,870
Commercial 27,565,090
Industrial 318,527,190
Agricultural 19,496,490
Natural Resources 35,733,200
Oil & Gas 829,139,540
State Assessed 111,291,600***
Total $1,385,148,180
***The total current state assessed value of $111,291,600, as shown, includes state assessed personal property. The state assessed value at the time of re-certification in Dec. 2011, was $111,403,300. The division of property taxation will not provide the updated 2012 total state assessed value until Aug. 1, 2012.

Neilson wanted it to be known that 2012 values will not be final until Dec. 10, 2012.