County wins appeals case with Utah Gas

RBC | The Rio Blanco County Board of County Commissioners, along with the County Assessor’s Office and County Attorney’s Office are pleased to announce a recent decision rendered by the Colorado Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA). The BAA reviews appeals filed by real and personal property owners regarding contested valuations placed on their property.

Utah Gas filed an appeal claiming that their personal property should be valued at $6,500,000. Rio Blanco County asserted a value of $32,131,440. The ruling from the BAA adjusted the actual value to $29,593,388. The valuation is used to calculate the property tax owed to entities within each associated district.

County Attorney Todd Starr celebrated with Rio Blanco County on this team win stating “First, I would like to congratulate and applaud Renae Neilson and her team for their hard work. Additionally, the Board of County Commissioners Jeff Rector, Gary Moyer, Ty Gates and former Commissioner Si Woodruff. The Commissioners, as I have experienced throughout my time in Rio Blanco County were united and stayed committed to presenting the facts and acquiring the correct assessment for the subject property.”

Commissioner Jeff Rector explained, “Renae has been fighting this battle for several years and led the charge.” This process involved the efforts of several County employees and departments working together. Starr followed up by saying, “The Board of County Commissioners have remained committed to and united in doing what is in the best interest of the county and its citizens.” Rector went on to state, “Rio Blanco County maintains our position and dedication to supporting energy extraction industries within the county and we want to continue the great relationships we have with our energy partners.”

Following the BAA decision, Utah Gas Corporation has the right to appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals for judicial review within forty-nine days.

PRESS RELEASE | Special to the Herald Times