CPW looks to add tiger muskie on Western Slope

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RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife will continue its evaluation of tiger muskie as an alternative angling opportunity on the Western Slope.

After the stocking of 140 tiger muskie in Harvey Gap Reservoir last year, agency biologists added more of the large fish to the well-known fishery on May 15. CPW aquatic biologists say their goal is to answer the call from many anglers looking for more warm and cool water fishing opportunities in the western part of the state.
Another benefit of the introduction is that tiger muskie, the hatchery-produced sterile offspring of northern pike and muskie, are considered a sport fish species that may be more compatible with the efforts to recover four endangered native fishes, when compared to other sport fish that are not sterile hybrids.
“We are continuing the evaluation phase of this project,” said aquatic biologist Lori Martin. “This introduction of the non-native species last year was well received. There is still potential for tiger muskie to become a viable alternative to northern pike.”