CPW offers free class on hunting first aid July 22

RBC I The big game hunting seasons are approaching quickly and now’s the time for hunters to begin preparing, reminds Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The right gear, firearm and knowledge about the unit you will hunt are all important; however, one of the most critical skills every hunter needs to learn is what to do in case of a medical emergency while in the backcountry.
“Each year, a few hunters end up in life-threatening situations due to injuries or illness,” said Northwest Deputy Regional Manager Dean Riggs. “Many of these people survived because they, or someone with them, had wisely taken the time to learn basic first aid before they went into the field.”
To provide hunters with the knowledge that can save their life, or the life of a hunting buddy, CPW is offering “Outdoor First Aid 101” from 6 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22 at the CPW Hunter Education Building, 711 Independent Ave. in Grand Junction.
Space is limited. To reserve your spot, go to www.register-ed.com/events/view/64160 or go to www.register-ed.com, select, ‘Colorado’ then click “View Upcoming Events” in the “Colorado Outreach” tab. Scroll down for the registration link.
The one-day free seminar is taught by expert Ron Bear, a 30-year veteran of the LA County paramedics and U.S. Air Force paramedic rescue team.
In addition to learning how to treat wounds, hypothermia, broken bones and other conditions, Bear will discuss the liability concerns of treating an injured person.