CPW offers free navigation, orientation classes

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering hunters, hikers, bikers and anyone who enjoys excursions into the backcountry a chance to learn one of the most important skills an outdoor enthusiast should master—how to find your way in the wilderness.

The free, one-night only ”‘Navigation and Orienteering 101” will take place Aug. 24 at 6 p.m., at CPW’s Hunter Education Building, 711 Independent Ave. in Grand Junction.
Registration is required. Go to www.registered.com/events/view/85091 to reserve your spot, or go to www.registered.com, select, ‘Colorado’ then click ‘View Upcoming Events’ in the ‘Colorado Outreach’ tab. Scroll down for the registration link.
The seminar is taught by Hunter Outreach Program volunteer and expert navigator Leonard Pisciotta, a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he taught the country’s best the art of orienteering and navigation.
“This is the perfect seminar for hunters preparing for the fall hunting season but anyone who ventures outdoors can benefit,” said Education Coordinator Kathleen Tadvick.”Whether you are biking, hiking, fishing, camping or hunting, not knowing how to find your way is not only limiting, it can be dangerous.”
Through classroom instruction and practical application, the student will become familiar with USGS topographical maps, a standard magnetic compass, learn basic navigation skills and basic safety items to have in your pack.
“It’s easy to get lost in the wilderness, but it’s also easy to find your way back just by learning some basic navigation skills,” Tadvick said. “It will open up a new world to those who want to go out a little further than they ever have before.”
Colorado Parks and Wildlife routinely offers ‘101’ classes to teach the basics of hunting, fishing and archery. The goal is to help people take advantage of many of the outdoor opportunities found in Colorado.