The Meeker Herald 

125 years ago 

• Presidential Elections of 1896: 

Republican Ticket 

For President: William McKinley of Ohio. For Vice President: Garret Hobart of New Jersey 

Democratic Ticket 

For President: William J Brian of Nebraska. For Vice President: Arthur Sewall of Maine 

• As usual, this section (Rio Blanco County) only received the tale end of the electrical storms. To the east, the damage to property was great and the loss of life was unparalleled in the history of Colorado summer storms. Several points in Utah were also visited by heavy rains and cloud-bursts. 

The Meeker Herald 

100 years ago 

• Hon. H P Burke of Sterling, Colo, Grand Master of the Colorado Grand Lodge A F & A M arrived in Meeker Tuesday, on a tour of visitations to the Masonic Lodges of the State. Mr. Burke is not only the head of the Masonic bodies of the state, but is a Supreme Court Judge and rated as one of the albest jurists in Colorado. His able address to the local Masons was very much appreciated by all who heard it. 

• A child of Floyd Osborn, Notary Public of Dungannon, Va. was taken with bowel trouble. Mr. Osborn gave it Chamberlain’s Colic Remedy and it quickly recovered. In speaking of this remedy, he says, ‘It is the best I have ever used.’ 

The Meeker Herald 

50 years ago 

• A valuable collection on loan at the White River Museum, John P. Weise is shown holding Bat Masterson’s derby hat and spats and wearing a US cavalry helmet with 13 stars. 4 million of these hats were said to have been destroyed because they resembled too closely the German-made helmet. 

• Meeker School District Re-1 is accepting bids for coal for the coming 71/72 school year. The coal stoker, oiled and delivered to the junior high school and the standby furnace at the high school. 

Rangely Times 

50 years ago 

• The second underground nuclear explosion in Colorado, Project Rio Blanco, is planned for a site on Fawn creek, a tributary of Piceance Creek, about 30 miles southeast of Rangely. Rio Blanco will use three explosives of 30 kilotons each, fired simultaneously in the same hole. Project Rulison used a single explosive of 40 kilotons. The project is envisioned as the first in a demonstration project that could lead to several dozen donations in the ensuing five or so years. 

• Scientists at the National Bureau of Standards in Washington say that the Earth is slowing down. The result of this, they say, will be a 25-hour day – in 1,800,000 centuries. 

• Meeker has a new 1971 Cadillac ambulance, purchased for $18,700, which was delivered last week. Equipment on the ambulance includes a built in oxygen supply, new special type aspirator and orthopedic stretcher, intercom system, 110-volt electric circuit, two way radio, air conditioner, and loudspeaker amplifier. 

Rangely Times 

25 years ago 

• Trooper Garrett Reich reported an accident on the Deserado Mine Road. Karl Cooper, 22, of Craig, was southbound making a left hand curve when he met a non-contact northbound vehicle that was on the wrong side of the road. Cooper’s vehicle skidded 24 feet off the left side of the road. The undercarriage of his vehicle impacted the embankment 13 feet from the road. 

• The Rio Blanco Board of County Commissioners on July 29 increased the size of the county Lodging Tax Tourism Board from four members to six. Three members are to be from the east of the country and three are to come from the west. 

• A Mountain Homes Youth Ranch camper contemplates problems and issues that plague him and his family. Campers are required to write essays on different personal issues and knowledge they have gleaned from history, geology, and other camp lessons.