Days Gone By: February 25, 2021

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The Meeker Herald
125 years ago

  • A deadly explosion in the Vulcan mine in New Castle was reported after an explosion occurred. It is said that 50 men are reported dead so far.
  • It is suspected that Meeker will endure a building boom this summer.
  • This past week the weather has stayed consistent with warm days and cold nights.

The Meeker Herald
100 years ago

  • The weather seemed to be very changeable according to last week’s weather patterns.
  • In observance of Washington’s birthday, the Masonic bodies of Meeker will hold a gathering at their hall.
  • The Uintah basin and the Rangely section are prospects for big oil development according to the Grand Junction Sentinel.
  • It is reported that hay is going for $6 per ton in Craig.

The Meeker Herald
50 years ago

  • John and Margaret Huffman have opened a new business called The Ponderosa. The business will include shoe repair work, selling of tack, leather goods and other goodies.
  • Sheep Producers Day will be held at Kilowatt Korner on the 26th after a new approach made by CSU. In their goal to reach more livestock producers, Livestock Days will be held at different locations around the state.
  • Meeker School Board made the decision to make their meetings open to all interested parents after a group of parents were curious about the workings of the board.

The Meeker Herald
25 years ago

  • At the recent Meeker School District Accountability Committee meeting, the discussion over a four day school week versus a five day week continued. With a presentation by Elementary School Principal Bill Ertmer on a split calendar, with some months five day and some four day.
  • Starting Feb. 26 truck loads of coal will be traveling through Meeker on Market St. every day. 80 truckloads will be traveling from Colowyo to Rangely and will generate a lot of new jobs for truck drivers, loader operation, and other related jobs.

Rangely Times
50 years ago

  • A model site for an oil shale was selected in Douglas Creek. This site would produce a maximum of 200,000 barrels a day by the fifth year of operation. This site is said to be in operation for 68 years if all goes according to plan.
  • The president of Rangely College, Dr. John Roberts, submitted his resignation to the board. Until that time he requested an immediate leave of absence. After an executive session Dr. Kenneth Bailey was named the acting President until a replacement is found.
  • After an executive committee meeting, Rangely College may become a base for satellite vocational schools for other towns in the area. Representatives in Meeker and Craig will come up with courses they would like to see offered that fit the students interests.

Rangely Times
25 years ago

  • In a meeting of the Rangely area fire protection district board, the board members discussed the payout for the secretarial position Tricia Gilbert held. After going into a brief executive session, the meeting was made public by Gilbert’s request. The rest of the meeting was spent discussing what to pay Gilbert in regards to sick leave and attorney fees, with some public comments.
  • The Rio Blanco County Commissioners discussed TV needs, an aviation fuel contract, mineral lease dollars, and a nursing program at their regular meeting on the 20th.
  • After a car break-in, Rio Blanco County Crimestoppers are seeking information on the crime from anyone with information. The break-in occurred on the CNCC campus.

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