Days Gone By: Jan 14, 2021

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The Meeker Herald ~ 125 years ago

  • Being killed by electricity is a shocking way to die.
  • Simp Harp, manager of the stage and express company, took a trip over the Meeker-Rifle division in the early part of this week, and reported the road in very smooth condition on his return to Meeker.

The Meeker Herald ~ 100 years ago

  • Arthur Brisbane says that the rainbow was the first great advertising. It had position. It had color. It held out a promise of benefit. And then it has the value of repetition, because it was repeated in the same position and color and promise after every rain—always opposite the sun.
  • John Moore, ranch foreman at Marvine Lodge, spent a few days in town during the week. He reports about three foot of snow in Marvine valley.

The Meeker Herald ~ 50 years ago

  • Carla Michelle arrived as fast as she could to be Meeker’s first baby of 1971. Her mother, Mrs. Jerry Seely, smiles her pride in her baby daughter who was born at 3:30 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 9, weighing 8 pounds and measuring 20-½ inches in length. The baby’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Seely.
  • Five elected county officials received their oath of office at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon in the Commissioner’s room of the courthouse. Taking the oat of office conducted by Clerk and Recorder Sue Mantle were Robert Kracht, sheriff; Dr. David Eskelson, coroner; Dale Frisby, assessor; Wilton Warton, surveyor; and Bill Brennan, commissioner, Dist. 1.

The Meeker Herald ~ 25 years ago

  • In the Meeker area there are 21 llamas. Una Raley has 13 of them at her ranch just south of Rio Blanco. Zippora Stahl has a bachelor herd of four meadowed at the eastern edge of town. Susan Bailey has five pastured along RBC 8 while Ron and Donna Hilkey’s four llamas wander freely around Adams Lodge. Linda and Jerry Steele have five llamas along RBC 13 near the golf course.
  • The county sheriff and the county’s drug sniffing dog Xaro searched the entire Meeker high school during the Christmas break … the dog did not find any drugs at all.

Rangely Times ~ 50 years ago

  • Moving to a new location this week in the Comstock Building (the old Ford garage) on Main Street was Eddy’s Pizzeria.

Beware of the half-truth; you may have gotten hold of the wrong half.

Rangely times – 50 years ago

Rangely Times ~ 25 years ago

  • The pipeline will carry water from the Kenney Reservoir to the Rangely Water Treatment Plant. The pipeline will replace the current system pump station. The town has had frequent problems with the present pumping system because the pumps wear out frequently, Kenney said.