Days Gone By: July 27, 2017

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The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago
– The main reason a drunken man thinks he is interesting is because he is drunk.
– Things Worth Knowing: A few drops of oil of lavender poured into a glass of very hot water will purify the air of a room almost instantly from cooking odors and is especially refreshing in a sickroom.
– The Trappers Lake State Hatchery is completed and a force is now engaged in turning out fry. With the hatchery turning out “lil’ fishes” White River should soon be again a good fishing stream.
– Elmo Davis, a dry farmer from Josephine Park, is at the Davitt house being treated for spotted (or tick) fever. This dangerous malady seems to be more prevalent than usual this season.
– On Monday, E.A. Proctor, accompanied by Mrs. Leon Harker and her sister, Miss Banner, was coming down the cannon road, and when opposite the location of the intake of the town water system, the auto struck a small rock in the road, something when wrong with the steering gear, and before Mr. Proctor could get control of the machine, it tumbled down the steep embankment into the Oakridge Park ditch. Mr. Proctor and Mrs. Harker got from under the machine at once, not seriously hurt, but Miss Banner was nearly drowned before they got her out.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
– Sunday, July 23 was a most significant and joyous occasion for the members of Saint James’ Episcopal Church. On this day the Right Reverend Edwin B. Thayer, dedicated the new parish hall, named Richards’ Hall in honor of the Reverend W.O. Richards, the beloved vicar of St. James’ who has served the congregation for 36 years.
– Rio Blanco County Sheriff Robert Kracht reported Tuesday that two stolen cars have been reported by county residents. Warrants have been issued for the arrest of two suspects.
– Meeker’s American Legion baseball team, coached by Bob Tucker, registered surprising wins over two opponents before bowing to Glenwood Springs in the championship finals of the fourth annual District 13 Junior Legion baseball tournament held at Palisade last weekend.
– At Watt’s Ranch Market: Circus Peanut Butter, 18 oz. Jar—55¢.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago
– The Pioneers Hospital Board hired a new administrator and authorized him to begin recruiting physicians to staff the Meeker Family Clinic. The appointment of Jim Murphy to the slot vacated by resigning administrator Cal Graeber becomes effective Aug. 3.
– The Lodging Tax Board can’t seem to work together, according to Commissioner Don Davis. He and the other commissioners would like to appoint a county staff person to serve on the board as a contact.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago
– Rangely Public Schools will have 14 new teachers this fall, plus five transfers within the Re-4 district, as a well as a new superintendent of schools and senior high school principal.
– A special award was presented July 25, 1967, to Floyd Mott, who is employed at Wilson’s Service in Dinosaur, Colo. The award, a plaque bearing two uncirculated silver dollars, two Kennedy half dollars, and a specially minted commemorative coin set in an automotive engine design, was presented for exceptional customer service by a representative of the Gates Rubber company.
– We’ve done a little informal research among people to confirm some major problems facing the area. Here are some of the comments we heard:
Rangely’s trying to be a big town and we aren’t. Other towns our size haven’t got curbs and gutters and they are 50-100 years old.
We need to attract more industry.
Services for tourists must be improved.
Too much trading in Utah, just because they “grew up” over there and don’t have any loyalty for the place which is financing their schools, hospital, parks, swimming pool, etc.
Get to work on the Rangely Project…use a different approach…keep personalities out of it at this time…without it we’re dead.
– Ronald Brenton, otherwise known as “Rockin’ Ron” is a true native of Rangely. He was born here May 28, 1949. Perhaps his interest in the guitar brought Ron his nickname.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago
– Governor Roy Romer, as a part of his “Dome on the Range” program came to Rangely, Dinosaur and Meeker on the 22nd. Also accompanying him were 13 members of his staff.
– The RDA ended up giving a favorable review for the Rangely supermarket/shopping center project. The first part of the discussion was for public input and the second part was a presentation and an answering of questions by representative of Super Value and proposed store by Stan Holiski.
– Governor Roy Romer has appointed Laurie Anne Noble of Rangely as a Rio Blanco County Court judge. The appointment, effective immediately, fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Relma Martin Miller.