Days Gone By: July 5, 2018

The Meeker Herald —

100 years ago

Oil Strike at White River

Local people are very much excited. Believe a 200-barrel well would result by pumping. Many calls for White River stock coming from neighboring districts.

The Fourth at Meeker

Was observed in a very satisfactory way by a large crowd, which seemed to come from all parts of the county. The principal events were as follows: baseball, calf roping, horse races.

The haying season is on. So is the rainy season. It wasn’t a rain Wednesday evening. It was a downpour of “dry farmers delight.”

The Meeker Herald —

50 years ago

Fire Danger is Very High

District Ranger Dale Harthan of Meeker reports the fire danger on the White River National Forest in very high and climbing rapidly.

Unusual Freeze Threatens Valley Crops

An unusual and devastating freeze in the White River Valley, an occurrence for this time of year which even the oldtimers cannot remember happening in the past 80 years, placed the county’s wheat and barley crops in grave danger the first of the week.

The Meeker Herald —

25 years ago

2500 attend Range Call Celebration

More than 2,500 tickets were sold to this year’s festivities. “Ticket sales were good, everyone enjoyed the band, but I think the cold weather hurt us,” Kip Gates said. And yes, snow was reported in the higher elevations over the weekend.

Rangely Times —

50 years ago

Don Chism Named to City Council

Rangely’s city council Monday night appointed Don Chism to fill the vacancy caused when Glen Harper was transferred to Grand Junction last month. Chism lost re-election by only three votes in the April election.

The Forgotten Man

Despite all the oratory we hear by presidential candidates, not much reference is made to the ‘forgotten man of 1968.” He has been edged out of the political spectrum by appeals to the impoverished, the disadvantaged, the minority races, the packaged vote of organized labor, the indolent indigent and the indignant indigent who prefer to remain indolent. We are speaking of the law abiding, respectable, hardworking individual who takes pride in his home, his friends and his neighbors. … No census has been taken to establish the number of forgotten men in this country. Perhaps the candidates will find out in November.

Rangely Times —

25 years ago

CNCC Baseball Coaching Change

Paul Conrad, long time baseball coach at Colorado Northwestern Community College, has elected to step down as baseball coach effective at the end of the 1993 season.

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