Days Gone By: June 23, 2022

The Meeker Herald
125 years ago

• Dry, windy, dusty, hot and cold by spells, were the weather features during the past week.
• Real estate is in demand these days. The time to buy this class of property is when it is low. It’s low now.
• Mrs. David Smith entertained a numerous party at her residence Thursday evening in her customary elegant manner. Progressive high-five preceded a sumptuous spread of refreshments and handsome favors.
• A little item in a newspaper will make an enemy to the paper for years, but it won’t stop him from reading the paper — it merely changes him a subscriber to a sponger or newspaper thief.
• Hardly a day passes but witnesses the arrival of trains of prairie schooners and other less imposing traveling outfits. Some of the travelers stay to look over this section, others pass on for Hahn’s Peak and Fourmile gold region, while others are bound for the Pacific northwest states.

The Meeker Herald
100 years ago

• A report came in, forepart of the week, from Piceance, which stated that a prominent settler of that section had taken a shot at a neighbor. No serious results. All kinds of rumors are prevalent as to the cause of the shooting, but, lacking definite information, we’ll pass the rumors over. And, this paper is not in the “yellow journal” class anyway.
• The latest definition of a pessimist is: “A banker who backed an optimist.”
• For your protection we use shaving cream, doing away with shaving mugs. Also two fresh towels with each shave. If better service is possible, we will give it. Romey’s.

The Meeker Herald
50 years ago

• A sparse crowd of about 60 persons was shown an architect’s model of a new library and community center building proposed for the courthouse square, with and opinion poll taking after the Thursday night meeting at the Meeker high school. The results of this poll revealed 32 were in favor of the east side location, 22 favored the courthouse square, and three voted for the junior high site. The meeting was called by the Freeman Fairfield Charitable Trust committee, at which all Rio Blanco County residents were invited to attend. Their written opinions ranged all the way from a beautiful concept and let’s get started, to keep the courthouse lawn uncluttered and don’t make a Hippy Haven of the courthouse square.
• Steve Gianinetti, a 1972 Meeker high senior halfback, played on the North squad of the All-State football game last Friday night at the Pueblo public stadium.

The Meeker Herald
25 years ago

• Melanie McKee has opened her Swanky’s beauty shop and nail salon at 842 W. Main.
• Jim Murphy, the administrator of Pioneers Hospital, reported to the Meeker Town Council that the bids for work on the new clinic are more than $300,000 above the amount budgeted.
• Steve Parr, son of Dean and Artie Parr, is the new manager at the Environmental Plant Center in Meeker.

Rangely Times
50 years ago

• Mark Danielson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rod Danielson of Midland, Texas, and formerly of Rangely, has been reported missing in action over South Vietnam. Danielson, an officer in the US Air Force, was shot down Monday in a gun ship over the combat area. He was one of a crew of 14, according to information received here, and three have been rescued.
• The aerial mosquito spraying here will take place Saturday morning, weather permitting, by Meeker Flying Service.
• There’s no doubt about it, but a scandal is a breeze stirred up by a couple of windbags.
• 1976 is the target date for the new TOSCO oil shale plant.

Rangely Times
25 years ago

• The clean up of a Samson oil spill from last winter is nearly complete. According to Sentell Fox, public relations person for Samson in Tulsa, Oklahoma, remnants of the spill are nearly eliminated. The pit in which the spill was contained is about 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, located on a bluff overlooking the White River, just east of the White Ave. bridge. Joi Inbody, environmental engineer for Chevron, estimates that at least one barrel, or 42 gallons, reached the White River.
• The Rangely Oil Patch Quilt Guild held a show at the Rangely Museum on June 14th. There were finished quilts and wall hangings on display, as well as numerous works in progress. All displays were products of local guild members: Marlene Kendall, Meri Pinner, Sharon Stewart, Susan Morris, Kitt Sheridan and Kris Shumacher.
• Karen Mockler is the summer intern at The Rangely Times, and a graduate student at the University of Colorado. Before coming to Boulder for journalism, she taught literature at Creighton University in Omaha. Her summer internship is sponsored by the Colorado Press Association and Rangely Times.

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