Days Gone By: March 22, 2018

The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

Hooverize by putting in a War Garden, and keep a few chickens and a pig to eat up all the scraps which would otherwise be lost.

– “The war must be paid for,” says D.C. Roper, commissioner of internal revenue. “Congress has as much right to conscript a just portion of income as it has to conscript our boys. The tax for 1917 is designed to reach moderate as well as large incomes, so that all persons who are in financial position to bear a portion of the heavy government expenses can be assessed in proportion to their ability to pay.”

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

– A group of Meeker’s history-conscious and concerned citizenry has formed the Meeker Hotel Block Restoration Committee for the purpose of planning both to restore and preserve the old hotel and adjoining properties as well as to bring Meeker an up-to-date hotel, restaurant and lounge. The Meeker Hotel, which is advertised for sale last week, is regarded by many as the center of the heart-beat of the old settlement, and if it is allowed to become another Colorow Hotel, will see the disappearance of “the last chance” to preserve the historical significance of the town.

– Dale Jens, Meeker High School music instructor, received the final word last week that the Meeker High School dance band and Rio Blanco Wetbacks have been scheduled to appear June 26 as a part of the musical entertainment planned for San Antonio, Texas’ big show, Hemis-Fair, 1968. It’s a World’s Fair and it’s the first one ever held in the southwestern United States.

– Frank Cooley presented Stan Harp with an engraved fruit bowl from the Meeker Fire Department in recognition of his many years of service and especially Harp’s 22 years as Fire Chief. The occasion, March 11, was also in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the organization.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

– The first time Randall Kurzon held a contest in Meeker, the winner got to name his restaurant. This time, the winner will get to own it. Kurzon and his partners, Al Muñoz and Joe Alonzo, plan to give away three Last Chance restaurants to the three top winners in an essay contest. The first place winner will get the Meeker restaurant, plus a four-bedroom house on Ninth Street. Second place gets the restaurant in Rangely, with the two-bedroom house just behind it. Third place will get the one in Hayden, but no house.

– Local leprechauns transformed 20 pounds of flour, three bottles of food coloring and seven gallons of water into a giant semi-gloss biodegradable shamrock in the middle of the intersection of Sixth and Main. The caper took place shortly before midnight on St. Patrick’s Eve under protection by Meeker Patrolman Mike Joos and Rio Blanco County Deputy Pete Larson. An investigation suggests the plot may have been hatched at the Rustic Saloon. Melinda Parker, Boots Penney, Kevin Leonard, Angelo McDormio and Sam Karaffa may have been involved, but no one is talking, and the evidence was washed away by rain just before noon Wednesday.

– About 40 Meeker students, from kindergarten through high school, attended “No TV Night” at the Meeker Public Library.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago

– The Rangely High School cheerleaders just finished their session with the completion of the basketball schedule this month. The hard-working coeds were Linda Sutton, Dede Schmacher and Katy Yeager.

– Robert Kennedy says “it is time to face the reality that a military victory is not in sight and that it probably will never come.” Picture, if you can, this country with such a man at the helm. Anything less than complete victory in this was is impossible to contemplate. We don’t particularly agree with the way the war is being conducted but we hope this country will never take the easy way out, then have to live with its shame eternally.

– From Dinosaur: The Bill Irby home was damaged by fire on Monday night.

– Your age is showing if you’d rather win an argument than be right.

The Rangely Times — 25 years ago

– The Rangely Development Agency approved two matching grants under the face renovation/site improvement program, one for Five “S” Services and one for the Rangely Times.

– It has been known for some time that the Dinosaur dump will be closed. It has been expected that some sort of arrangement was to be worked out with Rio Blanco County to use their landfill northwest of Rangely.

– Bill Holly, a Rangely Middle School student, qualified for the state finals competition for the National Geography Bee on February 26.