Days Gone By: October 20, 2016

The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

– One of the highly amusing things of this campaign, is the assumed virtue of the Republican congressional candidates, who are all loudly declaiming against the so-called “pork barrel.” The “pork barrel” had its inception and highest development during the long years of Republican rule. But now, since the “Reps” are out of power and want to get back in again, one of their slogans is—abolish the pork barrel. They should have abolished it when they had plenty of opportunity.

– For sale or trade: Forty acres of oil bearing land at Rangely. Will sell or trade for upriver irrigated land. For particulars, address Mrs. Cora Morgan, Meeker, Colo.

– Strayed, or stolen—Has anyone seen Monkey, the big bulldog that belongs to the Miller House? If so, please phone Miller House.

– Lost—Pair of eyeglasses. Between the Sheridan ranch and the stone culvert. Finder will please leave at this office.

– This Lord is sure good to some people. For instance—Will Simms had a crop of weeds in his garden that measured fully six feet in height; in fact they were the prize weed crop of this town, famed for its weeds. Well, Saturday’s snow laid those weeds (Will’s) flat on the ground, thus saving Will the work of going out and scything them down. Lucky boy.

– The trail from Trappers Lake to Yampa is now completed, but too late for use this season. From the famous lake to Meeker, there’s a good auto road—most of the way.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

– Steve Flaherty, 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Flaherty of Meeker, was so proud of his catch that he asked The Herald to take a picture. Using Balls ‘o Fire as bait, Steve hooked and landed his 16-inch rainbow trout near Russell’s Cabins on the White River. The fish weighed 2 pounds.

– The senior float, in the eyes of the judges, won first place in the Meeker High School homecoming parade competition Friday afternoon. In addition to the class floats and Student Council float, the Homecoming King and Queen candidates, the Meeker High and Junior High School bands also participated in the parade.

– In observance of National Fire Prevention Week last week, two of Meeker Fire Department’s newest rookies, Walt Brown and Pat Sullivan, show off one of the department’s trucks during elementary school noon time recess last week.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

– The calm that has been typical of this season was shattered this past weekend after a 37-year-old Aurora, Colorado hunter was found shot to death in the Nine Mile area.

– Ribbon cutting ceremonies to officially open the Flat Tops Trail were held last Wednesday near the Sleepy Cat Guest Ranch. Along with numerous Forest Service representatives, Meeker’s Mayor Jan Hughley and County Commissioner David Smith helped with the ribbon cutting ceremonies, while Herb Hughley and Walt Brown held the sign.

– Taking advantage of a fourth down gamble with the Cowboys stopped, Meeker’s quarterback Jeff Whiteman slipped away from an onrushing Plateau Valley player. Whiteman’s nimble feet enabled him to get off a 36-yard touchdown pass to Eric Hill late in the second quarter which eventually helped propel the Cowboys on to their first victory of the year, 22-20.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

– Moffat County’s widely heralded platinum boom appears to be just another dream that didn’t come true, with the publishing USGS confirmed assays Saturday. Craig’s Daily Press several weeks ago had carried “exclusives” on the discovery of a fabulous platinum lode near the Dinosaur National Monument, and placing values as high as $37 billion per square mile. After a quiet investigation, the USGS Washington office issues a statement which said the “platinum was determined to be worth about 3 cents per ton and gold about 2 cents per ton” in the samples analyzed. Around 2,000 claims have been filed since the “discovery” was announced by the Daily Press.

– Happy birthday to Nichols Store. They observed their 3rd year of business in Rangely last week. We wish you many more happy birthdays.

– Future production of oil from oil shale at costs as low as 29¢ a barrel may be feasible.

– Co-captains Stan Fullenwider and Kent Oldham, both seniors, were chosen for the Rifle game last week won by Rangely 20-0. Quarterback Fullenwider (140 pounds) plays both offense and defense for the Panthers and last week kicked a 30-yard PAT. Oldham (150 pounds), who can play a half dozen positions, intercepted two Bear passes with alert defensive play.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

– Mable Banta is a dear and familiar face in our town. For the past 45 years she has been active in the Rangely school system in various capacities. Through the years Mable has been such an active, vital part of Rangely’s history, she is definitely worthy of the honor of 1991 Homecoming Grand Marshal.

– The Rangely Board of Trustees, at their regular meeting held on the eighth, chose Larry Gierhart to fill the Council vacancy of the transferred Ted Westby. He was selected by secret ballot.

– The Rangely 4-H Community Council and all 4-H participants enjoyed this year’s Achievement Night Program on Oct. 8 at the Chevron Recreation Center. Jennifer Hazel is acting vice-president and Julie Tobiasson is president of the Rangely 4-H Community Council.