Days Gone By: September 29, 2016

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Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

There are some 550 volumes in the Meeker Library, not including the Harvard classics, which have just been put in, and will give an inexhaustible mine of pleasure to any who love the cream of all classics.

The Meeker Garage company have now established a regular daily auto service between Meeker and Rifle. The fair is regular standard rates as approved by the Public Utilities commission.

Everyone knows a lot of fool things one would do if one had the money.

LOST—Tuesday, fountain pen. Finder please return to Margaret Taylor.

Criminal docket: People vs. Clyde Hoskinson. Forgery. One to 14 years at Reformatory. People vs. E.L. Coudray. Violation of game laws. Conviction and fined $100 and costs. People vs. Ben Brown. Gambling. Fined $125 and cost.

Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

Before setting the six curved glue-lam beams in place, Cecil Bates of Meeker hoisted the compression ring above the scaffolding for the new $85,000 guild hall addition to St. James’ Episcopal Church.

If you thought you could devour 12 hamburgers during a 30-minute time limit, The Bright Spot was the spot for you last Friday. Larry Talkington, Jim Watson and Ron Taussig were the three finalists. In addition to the 12 hamburgers, winners received a free banana split.

The home of the late Avery Wharton located at 959 Park St., has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hatcher. Mr. Hatcher is general district assistant for Blanco District of the White River Forest.

Spend an evening at the movies: “Lost Command” and cartoon tonight, “Ride Beyond Vengeance” and cartoon Friday and Saturday at the Rio Theatre.

Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

ESPN film crews were in Meeker this past week doing a taping of “The Great Outdoors With Steve Bartkowski,” which featured golfing great Tim Simpson and ex-Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Steve Largent.

The company says it’s only “temporary,” but the Rio Blanco County Commissioners expressed concern following the withdrawal of TransColorado Pipeline’s special use permit this past week.

Emergency nurses of Pioneers Hospital who will be recognized on Emergency Nurses Day include Beverly Finley, Lori Quinn, Erma Rucker, Elaine Sakala, Cora Thacker, Charlotte Mobley, Mary Lou Dugan, Diane Baughman, Sandy Bradfield, Jan Trautman, Eve Malm and Patti Martinez.

Cheryl and Larry Steiner celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on Sept. 17. They enjoyed a special dinner, prepared by George and Sharon at 7 Lakes.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Justus moved to Rangely last week from Thermopolis, Wyo. Johnny grew up in Rangely and married Miss Lavella Schnakenberg, a Nebraska girl.

Officers for the 1966-67 school year are Bill Pilcher, president; Jay Rector, vice president; Cheryl Striegel, secretary, and Cheryl Clark, treasurer.

On Thursday last the firemen sponsored a potluck supper honoring Larry Dudley. Held in the Reddi Room, Miss Betty prepared the ham, potatoes and gravy. With firemen and their families, 61 were in attendance. The Dudleys came to Rangely seven years ago. Larry, Faye and the two children will be moving Alaska way in the near future.

Quarterback Stan Fullenwider intercepted a fourth down pass in the end zone with 54 seconds left in the game to end Roosevelt’s last scoring threat Friday night and Rangely eked out a slim 7-0 win over a big Utah eleven.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

“National Geographic’s” most recent issue has a large foldout map of Native American sites. Rangely is one of only seven sites listed in Colorado with four being in the southwestern corner of the state.

Student body officers this year are Derria Banta, president; Jenny Foxley, vice president; Celeste Reynolds, secretary; Kenny Timbrel, treasurer. Homecoming attendants for 1991 are Audrey Johnson and Justin Halcomb; Kristy Burke and Shawn Blankenship; Jennifer Filener and Pancho Flores; Brigitte Nowak, Derria Banta and Jenny Foxley; Jason Harris, Cody Schell and Ken Tashiro.