December 2008 Warranty Deeds

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Seller: Shipp, K.W. and Joyce
Buyer: Shipp, Roy Don and Myra
Description: Lot: F Block: A Section: 28 Township: 1N Range: 90W
Transaction Price: $37,500

Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
Buyer: Sullivan, Brendan M. and Sharon R.
Description: Town of Meeker Lot: 11, 12, 13 Block: 75 1247 Cleveland St.
Transaction Price: $170,000

Seller: Fleming, Wiliam E.
Buyer: Stevenson, Russell S.
Description: Town of Meeker Lot: Sub 5 Meeker Townhouses #3 781 12th St.
Transaction Price: $53,000

Seller: Forney, Luther R. and Teresa M.
Buyer: Palmer, William David and Amanda
Description: Utah Oil Subdivision 115665 Lot: 2 Block: A 211 Morrison Ave.
Transaction Price: $123,600

Seller: Searcy, Bobby O. Sr. and Macel Kay
Buyer: Dyer, Jon and Amy
Description: Sage Hills Subdivision 196641 Lot: 5 Block 2: 1361 Robert St.
Transaction Price: $215,000

Seller: Sellers, Gene C. and Khalsa, Siri Kirn K.
Buyer: Fries, Carrie-Anne and Randolph
Description: Town of Meeker Lot: 7, 8 Block: 97 456 13th St.
Transaction Price: $130,000

Seller: Buffalo Stop LP
Buyer: Wilson, Justin R. and Kristi L.
Description: Little Beaver Estates #1 265430 Lot: 3 399 Meath Dr.
Transaction Price: $92,000

Seller: LeBlue, Jerry L. Jr., and Danielle L.
Buyer: Rich, Jack E. and Mildred D.
Description: Ridges Filing #1 283498 Lot: 3 Block: 4
Transaction Price: $20,000

Seller: Bradfield, David W. and Marnell M.
Buyer: Sherman, Joseph E.
Description: Hillcrest Subdivision 162528 Lot: 22 215 Hillcrest Cir.
Transaction Price: $105,000
Seller: Keefer, Thomas A. Sr., Thomas A. Jr., Timothy C. and Terry S.
Buyer: Harvey, Brett J. and Natalie D., Wix, Michelle A. and John H.
Description: Section: 5 Township: 1S Range: 91W
Transaction Price: $180,000

Seller: Sheridan Ranches, LLC
Buyer: Turner, Keenen P. and Jennifer A.
Description: Sheridan Minor Subdivision 290908 Lot: 1,2 2162 County Rd. 15
Transaction Price: $138,500

Seller: LeFevre, Douglas and Lisa
Buyer: Taylor, Robert T. and Laura Tolmich
Description: Little Rancho Estates-Survey Plat 266593 Lot: 2
Transaction Price: $125,000

Seller: Weber, Randall W. and Debra K.
Buyer: Newman, Jeanne E.
Description: Section: 20 Township: 2S Range: 94W 1020 Little Rancho Dr. S.
Transaction Price: $200,000

Seller: Golden Parachute, LLC
Buyer: Emmanuel Baptist Church, SBC
Description: Sanderson Hills Re-Subdivisiion Phase 2 #1 284732 Lot: 356 TBD
Transaction Price: $61,000

Seller: Zickefoose, Lynn D.
Buyer: Rasmussen, Casey Douglas
Description: Section: 5 Township: 3S Range: 94W
Transaction Price: $52,500

Seller: Stewart, Lance R. and Linda S.
Buyer: Lee, Sang Heon and Jeongah
Description: La Mesa Subdivision 208675 Lot: 10 Block: 4 1524 La Mesa Cir.
Transaction Price: $200,000

Seller: Wren, Robert A. and Mary M.
Buyer: Willey, Tobey Jon and Rachel
Description: Wren Minor Subdivision 290912 Lot: 3 3700 County Rd. 6
Transaction Price: $40,000

Seller: Creel, Paul and Gayl
Buyer: Bright, Richard and Virginia Joyce
Description: Cedar Ridge Business Park Subdivision 225046 Lot: 6 Block: 5
Transaction Price: $67,000