Dept. of Agriculture approves hemp seed

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RBC | On Monday the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) announced the approval of four industrial hemp seed varieties to be produced by the Colorado Seed Growers Association and receive the CDA Approved Certified Seed label.
The seed types Beniko, Tygra, Elite and Bialobrzeskie have each passed the statewide THC validation and observation trial and are now eligible to be grown by the Colorado Seed Growers Association for production of “CDA Approved Certified Seed.” State law requires that industrial hemp tests at or below 0.3 percent THC concentration on a dry weight basis. All of the approved seed are designated as fiber/grain products.
According to a media release from the CDA, as part of the testing process seeds were grown all over the state including the northeast, Arkansas Valley, Front Range, San Luis Valley and on the western slope.
“These five locations with distinct differences in daytime and nighttime temperatures, in altitude, length of growing season and soil types, provide the CDA with a broad representation of Colorado’s growing conditions.”
The media release also reminds potential hemp growers, “As per the DEA it is still federally illegal for hemp seed to cross state lines.”
The announcement follows recent discussions by Rio Blanco County Commissioners regarding the potential of hemp farm development in the county.

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