Douglas Creek Conservation District election results

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The Douglas Creek Conservation District (DCCD) would like to thank all the landowners who participated in the May 5 mill levy election. The DCCD Board expresses their appreciation for voters who took time to consider the ballot question and are pleased with the 53% voter turnout which speaks volumes about rural landowners’ engagement in the election process. Following a recount of votes on Monday, May 11, 2020, the final result is 62 votes in favor and 64 votes opposed to the increase in the mill levy for the District.
While the district board is disappointed by the outcome, they respect the wishes of the majority.
“The board will reevaluate future options and do our best to continue protecting the Rio Blanco County’s economy through promoting agriculture best management practices, the wise use of natural resources, and multiple use of public lands,” said President Bill Hume.
DCCD will continue to work closely with the White River Conservation District (WRCD) and Rio Blanco County. The two districts share staff and expenses to be as effective and efficient as possible with DCCD paying 10% of the shared expenses due to minimal mill levy income of $6,000.
With the WRCD and county’s support, the district will continue to: 1) implement the “Rio Blanco Land and Natural Resource Plan and Policies,” which was developed through a local public process and is used to guide planning for multiple use of the public lands; 2) facilitate the integrated water management planning process as directed by the local community; 3) facilitate coordinated resource management plans for grazing permittees to implement brush management, water distribution, fencing, etc.; 4) support landowners in working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to implement conservation practices; 5) engage in water management discussions supporting water right holders; 6) provide natural resource information and education.
The board is grateful for the cooperation and support from the WRCD and Rio Blanco County. Without it, there would be little representation from the west end of the county in the multitude of activities the districts are currently involved in and leading.
The board thanks participating landowners for their support and understands these are unprecedented times. Landowners are encouraged to engage in the above-mentioned activities and to contact board members or the office with any questions or suggestions.

By CALLIE HENDRICKSON | Special to the Herald Times