EnCana, DOW produce wildlife impact video

RBC I EnCana and the Colorado Division of Wildlife have produced a training DVD that gives energy workers information to minimize impacts to Colorado wildlife and wildlife habitat. “Wildlife in Colorado: What You Need to Know” is designed to give energy workers a basic overview of the animals they might encounter when working in Colorado’s oil and gas fields.
“Many of the energy workers in Colorado come from other places where wildlife may not be as plentiful or as close as what they are going to experience in Colorado,” said J.T. Romatzke, a DOW area wildlife manager and one of the on-screen hosts for the video. “We can’t personally go to every employee orientation, so the DVD gives us the ability to equip workers with some basic information.”
The video includes information about wildlife, including how to care for trash to avoid attracting bears to work areas, why feeding even small animals can be unsafe for people and the animals, what to do if you encounter a mountain lion, and the importance of protecting species like the cutthroat trout and sage grouse. The DVD also explains hunting and fishing opportunities in Colorado and what is required to qualify for resident hunting and fishing licenses.
“This project really speaks to the collaborative approach we strive to maintain with the CDOW. We believe that this video provides an effective way to educate the men and women of industry how to minimize impacts to wildlife and their habitat while working hard to provide clean-burning, domestic energy,” said Byron Gale, EnCana vice president, environmental, health and safety.
In addition to funding production costs associated with the video, EnCana is making copies available to other natural gas and oil producers and industry contractors throughout the state. To request a copy of the video, contact EnCana community relations at (866) 896-6371.