ERBM board chooses contractor

MEEKER | There was an ERBM Recreation and Park District board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 9, mainly to decide which contractor to select for the proposed fishing pond and new pavilion to be built in Meeker’s Circle Park.

The choices for contractors had originally been four but were narrowed down to two in the Sept. 18 meeting, both of which are Meeker based firms: TDA Construction and T&M Contracting.

There were still various ambiguities with both, however, including engineering specifics, the construction of a fixed or floating pier, and various costs. ERBM Executive Director Sean VanRoenn, therefore, did “some leg work” to address these issues so the board could make a thoroughly informed decision.

The result was: “Even after adding in some of the engineering and design costs, bonding, and insurance, TDA Construction was still lower than T&M Contracting, so they awarded the contract to Travis Adams (of TDA),” VanRoenn said.

The pond project is, therefore, “a go,” he added. “All the behind the scenes work will be done this winter and spring with construction hopefully next summer.”

On a side note, VanRoenn also added that the Trails Project, which broke ground back in July, is almost complete and should be done in the next week. Hidden Valley Trail and Lion Canyon Trail, both on China Wall, have added almost five miles of trails to the system.

By DOC WATSON | Special to the Herald Times