ERBM board ‘keeps moving foward’


An ERBM Recreation and Park District board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13, heard a report from the Rio Blanco Golf Association (RGBA), proposed additional murals for the pool area and looked toward future projects.

Several board members from the Rio Blanco Golf Association were present to report on the golf course, which ERBM has sponsored for two seasons and has been an enormous help to the club. Most notable in the report was the Youth Golf Program, which was an even greater success in 2018 than 2017. A record 1,000 youth rounds were played this season.

“From the Rec district’s perspective (of investment), the youth rounds really tell the story,” Executive Director Sean VonRoenn commented.

Another encouraging figure was the approximately 750 rounds played by out-of-town guests, which bolstered club revenue.


The board then discussed what it views as the aesthetic value of pool murals. One was painted on the north wall in 2015 when VonRoenn came to the district. The current proposal is to add a mural that will now encompass the entire wall utilizing local artists and student volunteers.

Designed to allow additions over time, possibilities include a coral reef, sea life, divers and other elements. The first phase was proposed to take place by the end of the year based on anticipated surplus funds.


Also addressed were possible adjustments in the corporate membership program as well as some promotional ideas. The much loved annual “Blitz,” which brings in 90 percent of required income, will continue—all patrons receive a 50 percent discount on an annual membership for the first two weeks of the year. Some other ideas, however, were gleaned from other entities.

A few of those ideas that might be adopted include: punch passes at a regular and reduced drop-in fee, after school or twilight pass for access after 4 p.m. and weekends, holiday deals and three-month youth membership discounts for a 3.0 GPA.


A proposed 2019 project is the ball field lighting at a cost of $165,000. The board has decided to move forward with the project with or without CCITF (County Capital Improvement Trust Fund) grant money from the county.

Another proposed project comes via the Historical Society to create a Bank Robbery Trail that would start at the museum, come down to the Hugus building, through the town park and up to the cemetery. The trail would also include three interpretive signs. There would probably not be any capital investment from ERBM.


The meeting ended with an executive session to discuss personnel matters, in accordance with C.R.S. 24-6-402(f). Specifically addressed was executive director performance. The Herald Times could not get a comment on this “due to (its) confidential nature,” according to one board member.

ERBM continues to move forward for our community.


By DOC WATSON | Special to the Herald Times