ERBM hosts Arbor Day tree planting

ERBM’s Arbor Day Essay Contest winners helped plant a tree at Paintbrush Park on Friday, April 26. Pictured is Graysie Coryell and Luke Olson (not pictured Jim Brown). Each essay winner received a tree to plant at their chosen location.
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MEEKER | ERBM Recreation & Park District hosted a tree planting celebration on Friday, April 26, to celebrate Arbor Day at Paintbrush Park. In attendance were the winners of the 2019 Arbor Day Essay Contest.

Each year ERBM challenged members of the community to write a one-page essay titled “Why I Want a Tree.”  This year’s essay winners, each receiving a tree, were Graysie Coryell, Luke Olson and Jim Brown.

Coryell’s essay was written as an assignment for Mrs. Hughes’ first grade class and her tree will be planted at the Meeker Elementary School.  Brown’s essay was written in support of the Fairfield Center receiving a tree this year.

“Why I Want a Tree”

By Graysie Coryell

Have you ever had a teacher who’s a tree?  We would love to have one on our playground!  Teachers are old and wise like an oak tree.  Our tree would teach us about glorious birds and fluttering butterflies.  It would answer questions like where in the world do different trees grow?  It would help us with words like chlorophyll and photosynthesis.  Teachers usually make us grow, but we would love to make a teacher grow!   

“Why I Want a Tree”

By Luke Olson

I was excited to find out that I could possibly win a tree!  Climbing trees is my favorite activity to do in summer.  I like to examine their vivid colors in fall.  My favorite thing to do in fall is to collect the leaves.  I am one of four brothers and we like to sword fight with the branches.  Sometimes I get bored in the mornings and can watch the tree swaying in the wind.  I also like to do my homework in the shade.  In winter, I hid from the snowflakes under the tree.  Who could possibly resist a grand inspiring tree?  Not me!

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