ERBM Recreation and Parks District cardboard derby results released

MEEKER I The annual Cardboard Derby was held under beautiful blue skies last Saturday, featuring many creative sleds and lots of spectators. Winners are listed below
Biggest Dud: Biggest wipeout or fastest to fall apart
6 and under: Tatumn Kennedy
7-12 year old: Alex Murray
13-18 year old: No wipe outs!
19 and older: Miranda Stewart
Family or Team: Kennedy Family
Most Creative:
1st Place: Cori Mohr
2nd Place: Brennan Jensen
3rd Place: Chris Scherbarth and Amanda Scherbarth (TIE)
Race Champion:
6 and under: Clay Stewart 14:78
7-12 year old: Chris Scherbarth 12:31
13-18 year old: Chevy Moore 10:31
19 and older: Brandon Stewart 8:59
Family or Team: Team Scherbarth (Dave and Amanda) 13:53
Cool Running (Sam Lange and Nick Burri) 13:53

Overall Grand Champion and awarded the Traveling Golden Cup:
Brandan Stewart

Judge’s Choice of chili cook off and best chocolate:
Chili: Keenan Walter (Dried Cherry Chili)
Chocolate: Jay Johnson (Chocolate Cake with Pecans)
People’s Choice:
Chili: Kent Walter (Elk Chili 2011)
Chocolate: Jake Smith (Truffles)