ERBM to close Fay Action Park

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MEEKER — The ERBM Recreation and Park District has decided to temporarily close the Fay Action Park.
“We’ve had a few complaints from the community and local businesses about the amount of trash and graffiti in the area. We’ve tried to keep the area clean, but it seems like a losing battle trying to keep up with it,” said Scott Pierson, executive director at the ERBM.
There has been some damage to the entrance gates and they will be temporarily removed before being repaired. Once the gates are repaired, the park will be closed.
District staff members have already removed a couple of pieces of equipment from the area.
“We’re going to see if we can get some of the people that were involved in developing the area to assist with monitoring the area and making sure the area doesn’t become an eyesore,” Pierson said. “Obviously, we want to provide areas where kids can recreate, but unfortunately, this situation has become an issue and needs to be addressed.”
If you have any comments or would like to be involved with the future decisions in regards to the park, please contact the ERBM Recreation and Park District at (970) 878-3403.