Fire safety

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RBC | Wildfire season is here. The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) is sharing key steps to staying safe during this dangerous season. Follow these tips to reduce your risk from wildfire.
– Make a plan. Find the best two evacuation routes from your home and from your community. Know how you will use them.
– Practice your plan with everyone in your family. If you have a pet, include a leash or carrier in your planning. Practice using both evacuation routes in case one is blocked by smoke or fire.
– Have a communications plan for your family members in case you aren’t together during an evacuation.
– Make an emergency bag. Put essential personal items in the bag so they’ll be ready to grab and go. Include your pet supplies.
– Know ahead of time how you will receive emergency information from officials in your community.
– Keep your roof, gutters, deck and yard clean and green.
– Make a safety zone up to 100 feet around your home by clearing dry leaves, pine needles, branches, and other plant debris.
– Put anything that can burn, such as woodpiles, propane tanks, etc., at least 100 feet away from your home.
– Choose patio furniture and other outdoor items with fire safety in mind.
– Make sure your house number can be easily seen from the road.
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