Friendship leads to series of successful novels

RANGELY I It is always remarkable to see the talent within our communities. When finding time to talk, and more importantly, to listen, the stories people of Rio Blanco County can tell are intriguing to say the least.
Rod Harris and Norma Hood have collaborated to create three outstanding novels. The latest, “Frank-3Enroute, The Streets of Las Vegas,” is receiving rave reviews, but a chance encounter with Norma and Rod reveals these talented authors are just down-to-earth people with the gift of a story and the talent to express it.
Norma Hood was a dear friend to Rod’s mother in Rangely. She is a retired business owner and a former New Mexico state legislator. Norma is both articulative and a good listener, able to pick out the details of stories and write them in a fashion that appeals to the public. Intelligent and confident, she has four children and 13 grandchildren. Norma has not only written this book with Rod, she also writes poetry and prose. She has enjoyed the friendship this collaboration has provided and it looks to be the start of more books to come.
Rod was born in Rangely. After graduating from high school he served in the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam. His career as a police officer in Las Vegas gave him the knowledge for this book. After 26 years with the police department in a city like Las Vegas, he has stories that are nearly beyond imagination.
Rod moved back to Rangely to care for his mother after she was diagnosed with cancer. He cared for her with sincerity and warmth and people that knew the situation speak of his actions with great respect. His true character is evident in his everyday actions.
In his book, the character called “The Hawk” is a man of integrity, even if there are other characteristics that accompany it.
The reviews of their latest novel have been very good and more are being printed to keep up with demand. The actual experiences Rod brings to the book provide a very unique excitement. Readers seem to be “taken with Officer Rod Randel, AKA ‘The Hawk,’” who provides a realistic character who deals with common issues people face; from co-workers to superiors, even if he has his own way of solving problems.
The book’s success is a result of the combination of two great assets to the community of Rangely. They have served in the military and in elected office. Both had accomplished much prior to writing this book, so the story was written with the intent to entertain. It is clear when reading it, and when talking to Rod and Norma, that the project was enjoyable for the authors.
Their unselfish desire to share a story and shed light on a very dangerous profession with a sense of humor and sincerity make the book one that is hard to put down.
They are another example of our community members sharing their skills with the world, representing the talent we hold in our small county.