From ‘Most Handsome Boudoir Cap’ to catching the Fair bug

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RBC I How many of us were around for the first County Fair? The Fair Board and our County Commissioners are anticipating a barn-buster turn out in celebration of our 100th fair this year.

So much is being offered with every county resident in mind. The County Fair is showcasing all creations for all to see and offer inspiration to all attendees.

The open indoor show, the open livestock show, and the open horse show mean just that. Anyone can enter, no residency requirement. In particular, for indoor classes. Grandkids visiting for the summer or class and family reunions are most welcome to exhibit their talents.

Horticulture and Flowers, Needlework, Hobbies, Photography, and Art 

Did grandma show you how to can produce? You tried scratchboard art, tie-dye, or your new COVID chickens are laying

eggs? How about making cheese, a favorite pet photo on your cell phone? Okay, what is a boudoir cap? There are no limits — you bring it, we’ll exhibit it!

Next year’s 2022 theme is “Catch the Fair Bug.” It’s a coloring design contest, and imaginations are welcome. A possible contest this year may be a composition category with this theme in mind. Prose or poetry, we have a judge who enjoys judging both. So much more information will be coming.

Someone once told me the fair is for getting all those “started projects” done. Now is the time to get your COVID projects in order, I have goals for several projects, and some bets are involved.

Join me!

In June of 1919, the local paper reported on the plans of the Commercial Club to start a county fair and a horse racing association. World War I (1914-1918) was felt in Rio Blanco County with residents focusing on war efforts and the service of our young men. Once the war ended in November 1918, the community began recovering back to normal.

Starting with the call in June 1919 for a “get together in the fall,” plans were well on the way to realization by July 1920. J.N. Wyman offered a 20 acre parcel in the northeast part of town (the old Sanderson alfalfa tract) and a horse racing track with grandstands was installed. The first unofficial fair was held Aug. 26-27, 1920. The event was very well advertised in the Meeker Herald, and made news statewide in the “Denver Record Stockmen” publication. The main features of the fair were various horse racing competitions and baseball games with the Duchesne Indians, along with band music.

With this promising start, the Rio Blanco County Fair Association hosted the first annual county fair Aug. 25, 26 and 27, 1921. Compared to the prior year, the fair was a full fledged county fair.

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