From My Window… Broncos not down yet; shop locally where you can

Sean McMahon, Editor
Sean McMahon, Editor
I imagine that there were quite a few Denver Broncos left stunned following the overtime mishap on Sunday night against the Patriots, not to mention the Broncos blowing a 24-point halftime lead.
However, not all was lost as Denver is still in first place with the Kansas City Chiefs and far from out of the race for the conference championships.
Right now, Denver and Kansas City are tied at 9-2. If Denver beats the Chiefs again this Sunday, they will definitely be back in the driver’s seat. If the Chiefs should beat the beat-up Broncos, still not all is lost.
If the Chiefs should lose one more game this season and let’s say that both teams end up with 13-3 records, the Broncos would win the conference using the playoff tie breakers.
First tie breaker is head to head. Each team would be 1-1, having split games.
The second tie breaker is division record. Kansas City has two loses in the division, having lost to the Broncos and the Chargers. At this point, Denver has no division losses, and with a loss to the Chiefs, they would win the division based on that record.
Let’s all hope that the Broncos can pull it back together and defeat the Chiefs, who failed this past weekend to beat the mediocre Chargers, then it should be clear sailing. If not, we might need some help, but the Chiefs will have to end their season against the Redskins, Colts (who beat Denver), the Raiders and the Chargers again.
Keep your fingers crossed; the hope is still pretty strong there.
Denver will have to remain tough though as they still have to face the four teams with losing records after the Chiefs game: the Tennessee Titans (now 5-6); the San Diego Chargers (now 5-6); the Houston Texans (now 2-9) and the Oakland Raiders (now 4-7).

I truly hope Rio Blanco shoppers get out and visit the local merchants in Rangely and Meeker on Saturday in hopes of making the day the busiest shopping day of the year.
A large number of merchants in Meeker are offering extended hours, special discounts and sales on Saturday in hopes of drawing local buyers into the local stores. A list of those merchants is included in today’s paper.
Rangely is asking that all shoppers keep track of receipts between Nov. 1 and Dec. 2, and the town will give out $5 in vouchers for every $50 spent for qualifying purchases in the town. Those receipts must be turned in by Dec. 2.
The reason to shop locally is quite simple.
By helping your local merchants, you help your friends, neighbors and relatives make more money with their businesses, and that money stays in town and turns over up to five times.
When you leave town to buy, no one gains and your neighbors, friends and even relatives can stand to lose quite a bit, and that endangers the business that now exist in Rangely and Meeker.
Shop locally when you can!

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