Funding loss could impact up to 5 percent of RBC children

RBC | Up to 5 percent of Rio Blanco County children under 18 receive healthcare via the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), a public low-cost health insurance program for certain children and pregnant women in Colorado. Generally, these families earn too much money to qualify for Medicare, but not enough to purchase private health insurance coverage.
Last month, Congress opted not to renew the federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which funds Colorado’s CHP+ program. The Colorado Department of Health has said they expect funds to run out for CHP+ in January 2018, and are encouraging those who use the program to begin learning about their coverage options now, in case Congress does not take steps to renew the program funding.
For everyone in need of health insurance in 2018, including those who have previously relied on CHP+, be aware that the federal government has shortened the enrollment period from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15. A reminder: the penalty for not having health insurance has not been lifted, despite other changes made to the Affordable Care Act. If you don’t have health insurance coverage for 2018, visit to determine what coverage options are available to you and your family before Dec. 15.