Great American Horse Drive this weekend

MAYBELL | The Great American Horse Drive will occur in Moffat County the first weekend in May.  This annual event provides the excitement of 600 ranch horses trotting through the heart of Maybell, Colorado during the Sombrero Ranches’ Great American Horse Drive.

The horses can come through Maybell anytime between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 5. Parking will not be allowed on Hwy. 40 between the two Maybell town signs on the west and east end of town. This is a new restriction. Additional parking in the town of Maybell has been arranged, volunteers have stepped forward to help with directing everyone to the best places to park.

“The parking restrictions are needed to ensure safety for all participants” said Tom Kleinschnitz, Director of Visit Moffat County.  “More people are expected to see the horses than any other year and the new parking provisions will enhance opportunities for everyone to have a great view.”

Visitors are encouraged to stick around after the horses come through town for a great lunch and party in Maybell and to explore the rest of the County including the Sand Wash Basin where wild horses roam. The use of drones would be highly dangerous during the drive and visitors are asked to simply leave these at home. If you plan to attend the Great American Horse Drive be sure to get to Maybell early enough to be safely out of the way of the horses, wranglers and Cowboys & Cowgirls that are working this herd to the Craig ranch to ready for the riding season.

“The Maybell Woman’s Club has put together an amazing Heritage Days celebration in the Maybell Park this year” said April McIntyre an enthusiastic Maybell resident, “we are expecting our largest crowd ever, for the 60th anniversary of The Great American Horse Drive.”  Ms. McIntyre added that “all of the events in the park are free and the public is very welcome to enjoy some true Colorado small town hospitality on both Saturday and Sunday May 4 and 5.”

 “Come and have fun,” said Moffat County Commissioner Don Broom, “this is a true western experience, even after all the years that I have been part of the drive I still find it to be quite the sight to see all those horses coming through Maybell.”

The “Where the Hell is Maybell” bike event will be on the same weekend, with the Craig to Maybell bike ride on Hwy 40 occurring Saturday, May 4. Organizer Ryan Dennison with the City of Craig’s Recreation Department noted that this is the 33rd annual “Where the Hell is Maybell” event and that early indications show another successful bike run is at hand.

Special to the Herald Times