History Day students head to regionals

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MEEKER | Barone Middle School (BMS) is sending 17 students, comprising 9 projects, to the regional History Day competition in Grand Junction this Saturday, March 4. They are students of BMS history and social studies teacher Kris Casey. Project presentations were judged Feb. 13 at the school.
Judges and sponsor Casey jointly decided which competitors qualified for regionals. Judges were Jody Meakins, Jim Brown, Brooke Mantle, Stacey Meszaros, Mark Meyer, Mary Strang, Georgann Amack, Stacey Burke, Alicia Watt and David Cole.
The teams going to the regional competition include: Mason Holliday, Ryan Phelan and Braydon Garcia, Group Performance on the Newsboys Strike of 1899; Carter Strate and Cooper Main, Group Documentary on J.P. Morgan; Morgan Kehrig and Mikynna Molandes, Group Website on Simone Liebster; Spud White and Brandon Blaisdell, Group Website on the Whiskey Rebellion; Sierra Gomez, Individual Website on the Nat Turner Rebellion; Colby Clatterbaugh and Kyle Wangnild, Group Exhibit on Simo Hayha (“White Death”); Junior Gaeta, Dax Sheridan, and Bradey Potetz, Group Exhibit on Jackie Robinson; Abbigail Moon, Individual Exhibit on Harriet Beecher Stowe; and Chayton Bumguardner, Individual Exhibit on the Stonewall Riots.
Eighth grade teacher Casey commented that “all of the students that participated in our local competition put a lot of work into their projects and did a great job presenting their information. I’m very proud of the research our kids did for this. I also want to express appreciation to all of our judges who took time out of their busy day to interview and discuss the projects with the students.”