Homecoming victory for Meeker

Tiffany Jehorek Photos

MEEKER | Cedaredge came to Meeker last weekend to take on the state-ranked No. 4 Cowboys for homecoming. With a final score of 36-6, the Cowboys are now 5-1 this season. Meeker had 264 passing yards and 254 receiving. “We spread the football around the field,” commented head coach Shane Phelan, “Multiple guys were able to score.”

The Bruins came to Meeker with the number rusher in the state, Dustin Emig (21). Emig has averaged 6.4 yards per carry this season, but the Cowboys shut him down. In 18 carries he only had 33 yards rushing, averaging 1.8 yards per touch. Meeker’s Jeremy Woodward (41) had eight carries for 101 yards averaging 12.6 yards each and he also led in receiving. In three catches he had 65 yards for a total of 166 offensive yards.

“Offensively we controlled the clock, the defense gave us extra possessions with their performance and we controlled the game,” Phelan said.

The Cowboys now turn towards Paonia and the remainder of the season. “We need to have fewer turnovers and penalties,” Phelan said. “Our league is strong and we are preparing for Paonia followed by Olathe.”

Meeker will travel to Paonia Friday for their next game. The long-standing rivalry between the two teams is a great game for another good league match. “We expect them to be very physical,” Phelan commented. “It is always a great game and we are getting ready to compete on their home turf.” Meeker vs. Paonia kicks off at 7 p.m. Friday.

By TIFFANY JEHOREK | Special to the Herald Times